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Seminole, FL – A statewide poll finds nearly 3 out of every 4 Floridians supports Congressman David Jolly’s (FL-13) Stop Act.  The bill would ban members of Congress from personally asking for money.

“The results are not a surprise, the American people want members to focus on solving this country’s problems, not dialing for dollars. Again, we can’t have a part-time Congress in a full-time world,” Jolly said.

The statewide poll by St. Pete Polls found 72% support the Stop Act with 10% unsure.  It also found 84% think elected officials spend too much of their time campaigning and raising money.

The poll, which was conducted for FloridaPolitics.com has a margin of error of 2%

The results echo the findings of a Tampa Bay Business Journal reader poll which found 78% support for the Stop Act.

The Stop Act would prohibit federal officeholders from directly soliciting political contributions.  Elected federal officials would still be permitted to attend fundraisers and speak to donors.  Citizens would still be allowed to contribute to campaigns of their choosing.  But under no circumstance would federal officeholders be allowed to personally ask people for campaign donations.

Meanwhile, the Northwest Florida Daily News joins 10 other Florida papers in supporting the Stop Act and saying it’s time for money calls to end.

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